Thursday, May 9, 2013


On Monday we got peeps!
They are so cute and I am enjoying them very much.
We got two different kinds of peeps.  
The yellow ones are Red Star, and the ones with 
a triangle on or a stripe and are different colors
are Araconas. 
They give one extra that we did not know what gender or what kind.
This little one below is a Silver Spangled Hamburg.  We are not sure
if it is a girl or a boy yet.
I decided to name him Burger Mister.  He is very small compared to the rest of 
the peeps.  He also likes to sleep a lot. 

 These two peeps are red stars.  
 This peep is a red star as well.

 Louie is the little brown Aracona in the back.  He has two other twins named
Hue and Due.

 The peep with the red triangle on its head is an Aracona and her 
name is Silkey.  
We named a few others as well.  There names are Leppy, Rosie, and


  1. AWW I use to raise Red Star and Black Star chickens until they got older and then sold them to someone. I need to get some more. Beautiful Blog.

    Have a Great day and God bless

    Marissa Kathryn

    1. Oh. That's neat.
      I have never heard of Black Star before. Do they still lay brown eggs too?

  2. Oh my word!! SOO Cute! :D I love chicks, you must be having a lot of fun with 'em. :) Love the names you picked out too.

    1. Yes. I am having so much fun. They have gotten so big.