Monday, November 11, 2013

God's Glory

 The other morning we got to experience God's promise that he made to Noah.
We was a double ranbow, right over our house.  It was very bright, and it went the 
whole way around.  It was so neat to stand there and watch it get brighter and brighter.  
 i love fall so much, expecually the trees.  They are so pretty at this time of year.
 Anya, Brianna, and I enjoying the bonfire.  
 Brianna and I before everyone arrived. 
 Anya and I being silly.:)
 Crazy photo of Anya, Brianna, Anne, and I. 

Enjoying the peaceful evening. 


  1. What a gorgeous rainbow! We had one the other day...I just love rainbows. ;) Great post, Braelyn!
    Tane ♥