Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Catch-up post

 Having fun at the Mall with Kelsey!
 Brianna and Kelsey trying not to break their ankle:) 
 Precious drinking out of the watering can when we were planting the peas.
 Mocha playing (or sitting) in her tube outside. 
 Precious playing with my strings on my sweatshirt.  
Taking Brianna's senor pics at the Old Schoolhouse, but we were not able to get in to get pics.

 This picture is so neat!  It has the glare from the window, reflecting the trees from outside. 

 Mommy and Brianna at Sam Lewis park trying to get pics, but it was so shadowey.


  1. Great photos, Braelyn!! Loved looking at them. So sorry that your letter is not there yet - it's a little difficult to get it going, we have to buy a special type of stamps...but it's still coming!!
    Tane ♥

  2. Thanks. That's ok. We have to buy a special stamp too:)